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Services List

Painting - Glasgow:

-Painting is one of our refurbishment services. Our painters in Glasgow paint walls, ceilings, plaster cardboards, doors, windows, elevations.

Gypsum board Glasgow:

-Installation of suspended ceilings on a frame construction.
Gypsum plasters is recently the most encountered manner of finishing the rugged wall. This is because the final effect of the wall is very nice and the finish itself takes a short time.
In other words, gypsum plasters are dry plasters, wall veneer using plasterboards. Gypsum boards also perfectly suitable for fitting suspended ceilings.

Tiling Glasgow:

-Tiling standard tiles, Tiling 10x10 tiles, Old tiles removal, Horizontal alignment of background, Alignment of shelves with tiling ,Insertion of a closing audit, Decor tiling ,Glass blocks installation,Mounting pedestals sawn, mounting pedestals finished.

Doors Glasgow/ windows Glasgow/floors Glasgow:

-We undertake orders for door, windows, floors installation.
We install internal and external door, skylights and roof hatches, window sills, laminate flooring and skirting boards and picture rails.

Plastering in Glasgow/Bricklaying in Glasgow:

Our offer includes traditional bricklaying (bricks, blocks, breeze blocks) or from clinker brick. Moreover, we offer you traditional plaster and flat roofing.

Elevations in Glasgow/Insulations Glasgow:

-Our company performs insulation and renovation of elevation of buildings. The client can choose: elevation painting, plaster or complete service of insulation of building. 
Choosing a paint on the facades of the building is a decision which is worth taking with due consideration. The type, quality and tone of a paint depends not only freshly completed home appearance; these features also determine the durability of elevation and also about how our property will be presented in 10, 15 and even 20 years.

Refurbishments Glasgow:

-We offer you a wide range of repair services of houses, flats, buildings, halls and offices.We perform our repair work in the city of Glasgow and the surrounding area. We specialize in interior refurbishment (painting, filling, tiling, cardboard-plasterboard, insulation of attic, installation of windows, doors and flooring, electrical work and plumbing) as well as outside of buildings (roofing work, insulation of buildings).

If you plan refurbishment in or around Glasgow we invite you to use our professional services.

House construction in Glasgow:

-If you are looking for a suitable team to build your home or if just some parts need to be done such as bricklaying or substructures pouring, I invite you to contact us.   We deal with construction of single-family homes in Glasgow and surrounding areas. Every pricing we make individually based on a drawing. Our mission is to achieve high quality of performed services at the same time giving satisfaction and fulfillment of expectations of our clients.

Roofing in Glasgow:

-We offer roof renovation of roofs covered with an old roofing felt as well as roofing on new built properties.
In our offer:
  Roof covering with heat-weldable roofing felt,slating, installation of gutters and downpipes, roofing felt processing, roof insulation.

The exact pricing is possible only after  projection and setting the scope of the work.  Heat-weldable roofing felt is mounted using a gas burner, the flame heats the roofing felt and attaches it to the ground. This way of installation is much more effective than using the traditional marine glue because it allows for much tighter adherence to the ground insulation and reduces the risk of weak bonding of overlapping layers. This method allows to perform roofing cheaply and reliably. Heat-weldable roofing felt is suitable for most of the roofs, especially those with small slopes eg. garages and bowers, single-family houses, multifamily and residential blocks, supermarkets, schools, offices and industrial halls.

Finishing in Glasgow:

-We offer the finishing of flats and houses in a developer. We offer such services as plumbing, electrical, painting, plasterboard, attic insulation, inserting doors and windows, laminate flooring, suspended ceilings, tiling.


-If you already have enough walls covered with wallpaper plaster is the best solution for you. Our experienced  plasterers in Glasgow will do it quickly and professionally resulting in smooth walls ready for painting.

Wallpapering Glasgow:

-Our offer also includes wallpapering, where our qualified builders will do it quickly and reliably. We also implement a novelty on a British market- cotton wallpapers.
Get more information by visiting New- cotton wallpapers.
In our offer you can also find wallpaper from imitation of a natural stone-more here.

Comprehensive solution fundamentals of your home.The offer of G-tech Service could be described in one word- comprehensiveness.

However, it is impossible - it is necessary to add next to it a word-professionalism. The fact that we are good at what we do, does not mean for us professional success.
All the time we move towards new construction technologies, we use new market products, we go in the direction of construction costs minimization and its time shortening. The biggest success for us is the satisfaction of a client, when we are recommended to others, saying that we are good, terminable and accurate. Thanks to this we can further improve and develop "G-tech Service."

Our offer includes comprehensive workmanship of the objects both in the open shell state as well as turnkey service, refurbishment services, modernization and adaptation of buildings, as well as operations related to interior finishing.  Our focus is on minimizing tasks of investors, therefore we have far-developed logistics, cargo facilities and great professionals. This results in optimal organization of work and use of materials, simply saying - very high quality while maintaining competitive prices. For those who are looking for the particular services that are partly included  in a process of construction - we present below a list of services which we are able to perform to the highest quality.

Designs, adaptation of designs ,Construction management ,Geodesy,Permits,Earthworks:

-Drainage, waterproofing, insulation of foundations,  dehydration,  preparation of drive for construction,  preparation of allotment for construction works,  security of the building site.

Raw state- construction works:

-Combined footings, foundations, external walls, interior and structural walls, traditional and systematic chimneys ,refractory walls, reinforced concrete deck slab, ceramic, external and internal staircase, wooden and steel roof trusses,roofing tiles, concrete (tiles), roofing, steel, copper, titanium-zinc (plate).

We provide the necessary material to perform the above mentioned services!

We cooperate with our own architects, who fulfil your wishes and requirements. Electrical and plumbing services are performed by qualified staff with necessary certificates - Gas Safe and Nicei.

Company is covered with both Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance.

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